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Fever Management: Current Strategies in Patients with Infection
Hildegarde (Hildy) M. Schell-Chaple, PhD, RN, CCRN, CCNS, FAAN


Recent evidence on the management of fever in patients with infection/sepsis and the impact on patient outcomes have challenged traditional practice of critical care clinicians. This session reviews the current evidence regarding the monitoring of the patient with fever; the impact of fever on outcomes in patients with infection or sepsis; and  the efficacy of antipyretic medications and physical cooling on fever.



Taking Care of Patients with Obesity:
Practical Approaches

Susan Gallagher, PhD RN

Cheryl Holsworth, MSA, RN, CBN, CMSRN

With more than 40% of the US population considered obese, it makes sense for healthcare workers to prepare to safely deliver quality care to those individuals with a high percent of adiposity. This webinar explores the demographics of obesity, the cellular impact of obesity, barriers to care, weight bias, risks of occupational injury, and strategies to promote patient safety, including recommendations to improve outcomes such as training and equipment will presented. The terms bariatrics and adiposity-based chronic disease (ABCD) are discussed. Weight loss surgery is presented as an option for sustained weight loss for certain categories of individuals.

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